Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Meets Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in X-Men Fan Art

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Finally Meets Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine In A New Piece Of X Men cross art. It’s no secret that Reynolds has been pushing for his beloved and foul-mouthed character to cross paths with the mutant hero Jackman since Deadpool in 2016. While Deadpool and Wolverine have a history in Marvel Comics, the pair have only appeared on screen together in X -Men Origins: Wolverine, who didn’t do Wade Wilson’s character justice (to say the least). Jackman and Reynolds have been inextricably tied since that movie, with funny photos taken frequently on social media or in the Deadpool franchise.

After playing Wolverine eight times, Jackman essentially became the face of Fox’s X-Men franchise. In 2017’s R-rated Logan, Jackman gave Weapon X a faithful goodbye thanks in part…

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