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“I stay up at night, wrapping and unwrapping all possible scenarios.”

Ryan Reynolds is a prolific actor. With more than 100 film and television credits on IMDB, his career, which includes critically acclaimed screen performances and producer roles, has clearly kept him busy for the past three decades.

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But dead Pool Star recently spoke about how working at that rate is a product of her anxiety.

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“I tend to overcome anxiety with work and, to a lesser extent, achievements,” he said in a conversation with The Wall Street Journal. “I tend to bite a lot more than I could or should chew.”

“I think maybe it’s just that Canadian sensibility: ‘Well, I said I was going to do it, so I have to deliver this,’” Ryan continued. “Sometimes I will do it at the cost of my own well-being.”

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“I get obsessed with things… That’s kind of an anxiety engine. I stay awake at night, wrapping and unwrapping all possible scenarios, ”he added.

This year alone, Ryan has starred Free boy, which also produced, Hitman’s bodyguard, and Red notice, which opens in theaters next week.

Ryan spoke about his experiences fighting anxiety last May, during Mental Health Awareness Month. “I know that I am not alone and, more importantly, for all those like me who oversize, think too much, work too much, worry too much and above all, know that you are not alone,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“Sometimes you want to check boxes,” Ryan shared during his recent Wall Street Journal interview. “So these days, my goal is to be as present as I can and not just tick a box just to do it. I am embracing and living that right now. It has been incredible ”.

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“Okay,” he concluded, “sincere quote on personal growth: check.”

You can read the full cover story here.

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