Ryan Reynolds promoted Deadpool 2 by appearing on a Korean singing show

Continuing the musical flex of Deadpool 2On the promo circuit, Ryan Reynolds made a surprise appearance at the Korean singing contest. The King of the Masked Singer on the weekend. In a shocking twist, he’s actually quite a solid singer.

In the clip, reports The daily point, Reynolds sings a version of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie Dressed in a sparkly unicorn mask and matching cape, conquering audiences with an interpretation so clear and simple that it spins into the realm of pathos.

In the second equally surreal clip below, the audience and judges naturally lose their minds when Reynolds reveals himself, apologizes – “I’m so sorry for that song” – and inexplicably yells “Donald Trump?” (Blessed be Judge Gim Gu-ra, who congratulates the actor on his 2006 performance Smoking aces.)

The King of the Masked Singer (O King of the mask, as translated elsewhere) follows a The voice-the blind format in which stars wear elaborate masks to compete against each other in a two-episode arc. Reynolds appears to be one of the first Western celebrities to appear on the show, but based on the massive audience reaction (and subsequent online performances), we’d be surprised if he was the last.


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