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Ryanair closes more bases if Boeing delays delivery of MAX aircraft


The Irish company Ryanair He assured yesterday that he does not rule out the closure of more bases in Spain – apart from the three that have already been closed in the Canary Islands – if there are new delays in the delivery of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which have the flight banned after two accidents that killed 346 people.

Ryanair's marketing director Kenny Jacobs announced this during a breakfast in Madrid, explaining that the airline had scheduled delivery of ten 737 MAXs by this summer, though that could be reduced after regulator reviews.

In Spain, Ryanair currently has nine bases – excluding those already closed in the Canary Islands – and is present in 26 airports, which employ about 3,000 people. On January 8, the airline closed the bases in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote alluding to problems with the 737 MAX.

"The only reason for closing the bases is the delays in deliveries of the 737 MAXJacobs emphasized that these problems have led to the closure of a total of seven bases in Europe in 2019: Hamburg, Nuremberg, Belfast, Skavsta (Stockholm) and all three in the Canary Islands.

Ryanair forecasts a fall in traffic of 1.5% in Spain this year, due to the delay in the delivery of aircraft, although in Madrid, for example, growth is expected at 1.5%, while at the three Catalan airports a reduction of 3% is expected, which they mainly attribute , to a descent in Girona.

The airline has emphasized that despite problems with the 737 MAX – which is currently being evaluated by regulators – the forecast for the next five years is that the company will grow in Spain.

According to the airline, a Spain occupies 19% of the market share, with more than 400 routes in winter and forecast to exceed 600 this summer, of which 27 will be new.

200 layoffs

Just over 200 employees from the three bases that closed on January 8 in the Canary Islands have been fired, while about a hundred have been relocated to other European bases while retaining their seniority.

This was confirmed by Ryanair's director of human resources Darrell Hughes during a news briefing yesterday, in which he also said that relocations to other company's European bases have been made according to employee preferences.

As for the base of the airline in Girona, most workers have accepted the new seasonal contracts, while about 20 have joined the ERO.

According to the airline, layoffs and new temporary contracts in the Canaries and in Girona have been governed by Spanish law, although they said that last week they met with the Labor Inspectorate of the Generalitat and with inspectors from Girona. and they assumed that they would have to clarify some terminological aspects of the contracts.

This comes weeks after a report by the Labor Inspectorate of Catalonia came out in which it was found that the new contracts signed by both cabin crew and Ryanair base pilots in Girona did not conform to the current national legislation.

Despite the massive layoff, Ryanair has updated its earnings forecast after a Christmas period -on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve- better than expected, due to which it has updated the profit fork for the current fiscal year.ins to a value of between 950 and 1,050 million euros, good results that further question the recently introduced ERO for firing all their workers from the Canary Islands and twelve from Girona who did not accept the changes in working conditions.

The third in claims

Ryanair is the third airline to have the most complaints on the platform statewide online Claim of flights, with 17% of complaints. The ranking is led by Vueling, with 32% of complaints received; followed by Iberia, with 23%; Avianca and Air Europa, with 6%; and Tap Portugal, with 3%.

The platform has passed more than 30,000 claims in 2019. Of these complaints, again, delays have been the most sought after cause. Specifically, Flight Claim has received 16,000 complaints of delays of more than three hours flight, double the claims received for the same reason the previous year.

The second most common claim is for flight cancellation, with 6,350 complaints, and then for connection delays and losses (3,100 claims); loss of luggage (2,900 claims) and denial of boarding (620 claims).

Flight Claim is an international incident complaints platform on flights you work to uphold the rights of passengers.

Established in 2017 and based in Bilbao, it currently has more than 30 employees and works internationally around the world. With Spain as its main market, it has a strong presence in all Spanish-speaking countries.

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