Ryanair has announced that most of its flights will cease as of today.

In a tweet, the airline said it was not expecting flights in April and May at the time, adding that this would clearly depend on government recommendations.

Ryanair also announced today that it has offered its aircraft to all EU governments, both for rescue flights and for important flights for the transportation of essential medicines, personal protective equipment – and, if necessary, for emergency food supplies.

It said it continues to work with governments on rescue flights to bring stranded passengers back to their home country.

The airline emphasized that these flights take place under maximum security measures, with daily disinfection of aircraft and no trolley services to interrupt social contact.

For passengers whose flights were canceled, Ryanair said they would receive an email “in the next week or two” outlining their options.

However, Ryanair urged customers not to use the airline’s phone lines as it was forced to cut office staff by 50% due to social dislocation.

The airline asked the passengers to “be patient and carry with us”.

Ryanair CEO Micheal O’Leary said that while the immediate future is uncertain, it is important to remember that this crisis, like all pandemics, will go away.

“In Ryanair, Buzz, Lauda and Air Malta we will do everything we can to keep our aircraft, crews and engineering teams operational so that when Europe defeats this Covid 19 pandemic we can fly again,” said Michael Sagte O ‘Leary.

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