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Ryanair does not rule out closing more bases in Spain if Boeing 737 MAX delays continue


The Ryanair crisis in Spain, which has caused more than two hundred workers to lose their jobs and the closing of the Canary Islands bases and in part of Girona, is far from over. The evolution of the Irish airline business is still linked to the progress of the problem with the Boeing 737 MAX

Its delay and, only its delay has been the reason that has caused the base closures and the dismissal of workers, as they have insisted on emphasizing Kenny Jacobs, Marketing Director, and Give Hughes, HR director in a meeting with the Spanish media that have celebrated this Tuesday in Madrid.

Therefore, they have not ruled out that if the 10 planes do not arrive of this model that the company expects to receive between the months of March and April, they could consider new cuts. “It is not a yes or a no, but our business plan for the next year is based on the reception of those planes. If that does not happen, it should be replanted, ”Jacobs acknowledged.


Traffic drop in Spain

In Spain, Ryanair has nine bases – not counting those already closed in the Canary Islands – and presence in 26 airports, where some 3,000 people work. Although, as reported last week, the fiscal year ending in March 2020 will be much better than expected, the predictions for the next are not positive.

737 MAX aircraft on the ground at Moses Lake Airport, Washington
(Lindsey Wasson / Reuters)

For Spain, Ryanair expects a 1.5% drop in traffic, especially due to the effect that the delays in the delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX are causing in Catalan airports, Girona especially, for those who expect a 3% decrease, compared to to the estimated increase for Madrid of 1.5%.

About the crew unions

They refuse to have meetings in English ”

The managers have insisted on linking these problems “only and exclusively” and have denied the version of the unions, with which they are in full collective agreement negotiations, that is a way to press in that process. “In Germany, where we have a very good relationship with the unions, two bases have also been closed. It has nothing to do with it, ”Jacobs explained.

The truth is that in Spain, negotiations with workers' representatives are not being easy. In recent weeks, managers have explained that progress is being made with Sepla pilots, but instead relations with unions representing cabin crew are virtually paralyzed. “They have no intention of negotiating the terms of the agreement. We are blocked in formalizing meetings. For example, they refuse to be in English with translation, ”Hughes said.


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