Saturday, 07/14/2018
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After the security landing of a holiday flier at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, 33 passengers were taken to the hospital. “The passengers complained of headache and earache and suffered from nausea,” said a spokesman for the Federal Police on early Saturday morning. Presumably it was on board the occupied with 189 people Ryanair Machine come to a pressure drop.

The plane was on Friday night on the flight from Dublin to the Croatian coastal town of Zadar, when the captain asked for permission to land in Hahn. Paramedics and emergency physicians took care of the passengers. Ambulances drove the injured to the clinic. The intact passengers spent the night at the airport. “A replacement aircraft will probably fly people to their destination on Saturday,” the police spokesman said.

What exactly happened on board was not clear at first. “Experts need to clarify that, but it can take some time,” the spokesman said. At Ryanair and at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, no one was initially available for comment.

Pressure drop in a plane of China Air

Only on Friday it was in a machine of China Air to a spectacular case of pressure drop came in an airplane after the jet had dropped thousands of meters in an emergency descent. The passengers had to put on oxygen masks.

Cause: The co-pilot had smoked an e-cigarette – and the steam had pulled into the passenger compartment. To pull off the steam, he pressed two wrong buttons, so that the cabin pressure fell and the Boeing 737 forced to go into the steep descent.

The incident occurred half an hour after the launch between Shantou and Xiamen across southern China. The aircraft later flew back to normal altitude and continued the more than three-hour flight. Experts later criticized this decision: The oxygen reserves would not have sufficed for another drop in pressure.


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