The flight FR7312 Ryanair from Dublin, Ireland, to Zadar in Croatia was forced to emergency land last night following a sudden loss of cabin pressure.

FlightRadar24 data shows that the Boeing 737 engine left a fearsome 30,000 feet in about five minutes – a rate of about 6,000 feet per minute.

For all 189 passengers on board oxygen masks were released, as the disturbing scenes emerged.

The rescue service was then messed up when the plane crashed into the German city of Frankfurt.


It has since been reported that 33 people have been hospitalized with alleged "ruptured eardrums" and "ear bleeding".

Local reports in Germany confirm a spokesman for the Federal Police: "The passengers complained of headaches and earache and suffered from nausea."

Passengers on the flight have since posted their horror journey on social networks, with some saying the plane was "falling to the skies".

One wrote: "I've been on many flights in my time, but have never experienced an emergency landing with oxygen masks and flight work to our holiday destination in Croatia.

"Flight path down – Frankfurt for the time being – not the start we planned, but could be worse. # FR7312 #ryanairzadar."

Another said, "The worst moments of my life, you're in the air and a moment after you've just fallen into the sky, your ears are burning, there's no air and your mouth tastes like iron." # Ryanair "

And a passenger said o Facebook: "Decompression at 11,000 meters and a sudden fall to 2,800 meters Forced landing in Frankfurt Hahn I can barely hear my right ear It is important that we have survived."

The flight had left Dublin at 8.27 am and was traveling over northern France when the problems surfaced at 21.44 when the plane made a turn to Germany.


After another hour and a half of the circuit, the plane finally landed at 11:21 (12:21 local time on Saturday) – three hours after takeoff.

It is reported that passengers were taken to their destination this morning at 9.40 am after their overnight stay at the airport for a replacement flight.



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