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Ryanair plane is delayed – followed by hours of drama for passengers

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Actually, it should go to Madrid for 200 passengers: instead, they sat for hours in a Ryanair machine – but it gets even thicker.

The Ryanair flight FR2767 from Prague to Madrid, which was supposed to take off on February 3, 2019, went pretty well in the pants – and ended for some passengers even in a drama.

Passengers in Rage: Airplane is stuck at the airport for hours – but that's not all

The machine could not take off due to a blizzard and therefore sat whole six hours at the airport Václav Havel in Prague. According to the passengers, they were at this time No food and no drinks offered: And that, though obviously among them a diabetic, a pregnant woman and a few children were, Some aircraft occupants felt like "kidnappedbecause they were forbidden to leave the machine, even nervous anxiety was mentioned because the plane was so packed.

When after six hours it was clear that the flight to Madrid would not take place, the next nuisance followed: "They have us sit at minus ten degrees in the plane and then wait with drenched shoes in the snow", a passenger complained on Twitter.

Also interesting: Ryanair lands far from the finish line – leaving passengers behind.

Trapped in a plane for six hours: That's what Ryanair says

Ryanair explained the incident on Twitter as follows: "Snow at Prague airport and slow de-icing machines have caused delays. One of our flights has been canceled. since the crew was already outside of office hours, All customers have been provided accommodation at the hotel and the flight will be tomorrow. We apologize to the affected customers and we work hard to complete all flights as planned. "Finally, the passengers arrived in Madrid with 26 hours delay the next day.

Video: General strike in Belgium paralyzes air traffic

also read: No compensation for passengers: Ryanair sued for strikes.

These things should be noted on the plane

Video: Airplane has to turn around after bomb threat


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