Home Business Ryanair plane just ready to start as authorities clear the plane

Ryanair plane just ready to start as authorities clear the plane

A low-cost airline Ryanair has been stopped in France shortly before departure. French authorities therefore wanted to force the airline to repay State aid.

The 149 passengers should not have been astonished: Last Friday, the French authorities abruptly stopped a plane of the Irish airline Ryanair – just before the start.

Target for the confiscation of the machine was the call to repay public funds, "It is unfortunate that the state has been forced to do this," said the Civil Aviation Authority.

According to Ryanair around paid half a million eurosto get the plane free again. The airline has not yet confirmed the payment.

Ryanair plane was confiscated in Bordeaux

The plane was on its way from Bordeaux to London on Thursday evening when it was stopped. For the 149 passengers it was then wait: You could only with a five-hour delay and another plane to London.

The reason for the seizure is a decision of the European Commission in 2014. At that time, the airline was requested to repay State aid.

It was assumed that Ryanair on Local airport Angoulême in 2008 and 2009 conditions were grantedthat distorted competition, says the report.


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