Ryanair says UK bridges idea is more government idiocy

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Ryanair, which is suing the UK government over the imposition of a quarantine for those entering the national territory, devalues ​​the Executive’s plans to establish “air bridges” with some countries such as France, Spain and Greece.

The airline says the idea is more of an “idiocy” by the government, which is due to release next week a complete list of countries with which it will establish air corridors. Travelers from these countries will be exempt from the mandatory two-week quarantine.

“The UK government’s idea of ​​air bridges is more idiocy for a government that cannot manage a ‘form filling’ quarantine or a tracking system,” said the airline, in response to questions posed by Bloomberg. “Thousands of British families are ignoring this useless quarantine, as reservations for Europe in the UK for July and August are flooding Ryanair.”

In compliance with what they had threatened, the biggest airlines operating in the UK – British Airways, Ryanair and Easyjet – have moved to court to challenge the government-imposed quarantine on the grounds that it will have a devastating effect on British tourism and the economy in general and will destroy thousands of jobs.

The British Executive now wants to exempt a list of countries from this mandatory quarantine, and the final list will only be known next week.

According to the BBC, the list of countries should include Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Turkey, but not Portugal or Sweden.



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