Unions from Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium have confirmed that Ryanair's 24-hour strike will take place.

This comes after months in which unions from different countries demand compliance with labor laws in their country, rather than the blanket application of Irish legislation.

The strike news was announced today at a press conference in Brussels on 13 September.

Yves Lambot, secretary of the Belgian union CNE, said the upcoming action would be bigger than the cabin crew's two-day break in July. This resulted in 600 canceled flights.

Ryanair, on the other hand, has held back a lot, claiming that the strike will not have a major impact on customers.

Commenting on its website, Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's CMO, said: "Repeated false claims by these unions about" travel chaos "have proved unfounded.

"Although we regret the limited strike action that took place this summer, we have in any case temporarily canceled a small number of our 2,500 daily flights to minimize customer disruption and inconvenience.

"We are protesting against these glaring and inaccurate press titles that misleadingly refer to" travel chaos, "though little was disturbed during the seven days passed by a small minority of our pilots and cabin crew, and absolutely no" chaos ".

"If there is another unsuccessful cab crew strike on September 28, then, as we showed yesterday in Germany, Ryanair will inform customers of a small number of flight cancellations, and the overwhelming majority of Ryanair's flights and services will be on that day Drive as usual and we will carry the overwhelming majority of the 400,000 passengers who will fly with us that day. "

Ryanair also wrote: "Ryanair (13 September) has rejected false allegations by the Belgian union CNE that a strike by the small minority cabin crew on 28 September would cause" travel chaos ".

Ryanair noted his experience with previous strikes that involved five days of strike by less than 25 percent of Irish pilots this summer, and on each of those days Ryanair completed 280 of its 300 flights to / from Ireland, as over 75 percent of Irish pilots continued to work normally.

"Overall, Ryanair made more than 2,200 flights yesterday and transported over 380,000 customers without" chaos ".

"Yesterday, despite a strike by pilots and cabin crew, more than 70 percent of Ryanair 's German pilots and flight attendants arrived in Germany, and Ryanair completed more than 250 of its 400 daily scheduled flights because 150 flights had been canceled Tuesday 11th, with the small group of affected passengers resumed and / or refunded.

"Ryanair expects that even if another limited cabin crew strike takes place on 28 September, the vast majority of cabin crew will operate normally throughout Europe.

"It is also expected that a sizeable majority of its cabin crew will operate normally in Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal, as was the case with previous strikes, and accordingly there will be no" travel chaos "or" widespread disruption ". give. . "

Just yesterday at a press conference, Michael O'Leary talked about the summer of strike action that Ryanair was facing and said he would not back down.

Regarding yesterday's German strike, the Ryanair boss said, "If you keep beating, we will not bend over."

He said he had "no doubt about the strength of the German unions" and was in their right to strike.

Ryanair agreed to discussions between the airline and the union, as well as contracts, but did not agree to the request for the large salary increase.


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