Ryazan surgeons restored the patient’s lost ear


Ryazan surgeons restored the patient’s ear lost due to an injury. This was reported site regional Ministry of Health.

The operation was conducted jointly with the honored doctor of Russia Vladimir Vissarionov.

“The elimination of defects largely depends on how many tissues the patient has lost, and what part of the auricle is damaged,” he said, “the Ryazan patient lacks the middle part of the auricle and lobe. At the first stage of the recovery operation, we “sewed” the auricle and formed a lobe. Now that the patient’s blood flow has recovered, we have cut off the skin, which has filled the deficiency of the middle part of the ear. On the place of the defect of the internal surface, the skin was transplanted from its own body. ”

As the chief surgeon of the Ryazan region Vladimir Yudin said, if you lose auricle, the hearing is not disturbed in patients.

After several operations, the patient will recover a thin relief of the cartilage of the auricle. It is noted that the work can take a long time.


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