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Ryzen Zen 2 processors are not compatible with older 300 series due to BIOS limitations

Many of you are waiting for the launch of ZEN2 aka Ryzen 3000 and have an X370 motherboard in the hope of upgrading to the new processor. This could be a problem. Evidence might not work on older 300 series motherboards like X370.

Website Forbes has sent a reply from the motherboard manufacturer MSI to a Reddit user. In this response, the company mentions that AMD's Zen 2 processors do not work on older 300 series motherboards. The company claims that the new CPUs only work with 400 series, such as B450 and X470 chipsets. Shortly thereafter, we've seen news that MSI would do so out of sheer greed and so on. Such a formulation seems to be wrong.

In fact, the question arises as to whether all motherboard manufacturers are facing the same problem or whether it is the decision of a single motherboard manufacturer whether or not to support AMD's Zen-2 CPUs due to go on sale in the summer. If MSI did not support this, chances are very high that there is incompatibility with AMD or a decision was made not to support Ryzen 3000 on the 300 series.

Here's the probable and probable cause, previously it was pointed out that the limitations of a BIOS chip could be a factor in whether or not your board can support 3000 series Ryzen processors or not as simple as the 16Mb Flash Memory of the (and all) 300 series. We know that the 400 series has already expected to be able to store 32 MB. In this case, all motherboard manufacturers will discontinue Ryzen 3000 support X370, B350 and A320 because it just is not compatible.

AMD is aware of this and will release an "AMD Ryzen Desktop 3000 ready" emblem to solve this problem.

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