S-Bahn accident with 30 injured and dead – replacement service

18 people were injured in an S-Bahn accident in Schäftlarn near Munich. A passenger died. The background of the accident is unclear.

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A passenger died in a collision between two S-Bahn trains near Munich and 18 others were injured. The two trains on the S7 line collided head-on on Monday around 4:35 p.m. near the Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn station on a single-track route, the police said.

The passenger killed is a 24-year-old Afghan, a police spokesman said. Five people suffered serious injuries, 13 moderate injuries. 25 inmates from the two S-Bahn were also taken care of on an outpatient basis.

As a spokesman for the Munich police told a local t-online reporter, the other passengers would be medically examined. A total of 95 people were on the trains. They had previously been taken out of the wagons. The route will remain closed throughout the night. You can see the first images from the scene of the accident in the video above or here.

Rescue workers bring an injured person from an S-Bahn to an ambulance.  (Source: network-pictures)Rescue workers bring an injured person from one of the S-Bahn to an ambulance. (Source: network-pictures)

Munich police: cause of the accident so far unclear

The cause of the accident is currently unclear. According to initial findings, the two trains were traveling in opposite directions south of Munich. In the area of ​​the collision, the railway line is single track. A spokesman explained why both trains were running on the route at the same time.

Emergency vehicles at the scene of the accident: Firefighters are on site from all over Munich.  (Source: Viola Kögst)Emergency vehicles at the scene of the accident: Firefighters are on site from all over Munich. (Source: Viola Kögst)

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The police headquarters work together with the federal police. Railway safety is usually the responsibility of the Federal Police. One of the trains derailed, but according to the spokesman, both trains are still standing.

A total of around 330 police officers and numerous firefighters were on site for the rescue work and investigations. The emergency services are now busy salvaging the two trains. However, the site of the accident with the derailed wagons is difficult to reach because it is elevated on an embankment.

Söder: “Terrible news”

“This is terrible news,” wrote Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Twitter. “We mourn with the relatives and wish all those injured in the S-Bahn accident a speedy recovery.” And he praised: “Thanks to all the rescue workers for their quick action.”

Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer (CSU) rushed to the scene of the accident. “It’s shocking when you see (…) what forces are at work there,” she said. Her thoughts are with the families of the dead and those injured. “I really wish that those who are not injured will get rid of these pictures as soon as possible.”

“It’s really dramatic,” Schreyer later described the scenes from Schäftlarn in an interview with Bild-TV. A crisis intervention team is on site to “work on” the images. It is currently not possible to say how long the operation will continue today.

Near-accident near the current scene of the accident

The accident brings back bad memories. It was not until the beginning of August that a German and a Czech train collided on a single-track route in the Czech Republic. Three people died and ten were seriously or fatally injured. About two weeks later, a near-accident not far from the current accident site: According to media reports, two S-Bahn trains had run into each other near Icking, but the train drivers were able to brake in time.

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And then the Bad Aibling train accident on February 9, 2016: Twelve people died and 89 were injured. Due to human error, two trains on the Bavarian Oberlandbahn crashed into each other. A dispatcher had played with his cell phone and distracted himself from it by sending false signals. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and was released two-thirds of the time.

Deutsche Bahn expresses regret

Deutsche Bahn expressed its regret after the accident. “Our deepest sympathy belongs to the relatives of the accident victims. We wish the injured a speedy and full recovery,” said Heiko Büttner, head of the Munich S-Bahn, on Monday evening.

  A fire brigade crane secures part of the train: the S-Bahn trains collided on a single-track route in the Munich district.  (Source: dpa/Lennart Preiss) A fire brigade crane secures part of the train: the S-Bahn trains collided on a single-track route in the Munich district. (Source: Lennart Preiss/dpa)

The affected section between Höllriegelskreuth and Wolfratshausen is currently closed, according to the Munich S-Bahn. A replacement service with buses has been set up between Wolfratshausen and Großhesselohe Isartalbahnhof. The S7 S-Bahn trains to Wolfratshausen turn at Großhesselohe Isar Valley station.

In addition, the railway set up a telephone hotline. She has been available on 0800 3 111 111 since 7.30 p.m. As the operator of the S-Bahn, the train initially announced on Twitter that there were “objects on the route” in the area between Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn and Baierbrunn.