S/S 2021 show direct hit | Your imagination of Chinese elements is about to be updated_ tailoring

It’s almost like an appointment, all kinds of Chinese elements will be staged in S/S 2021 Shenzhen Fashion Week on October 26.

Designers took out their housekeeping skills and offered their own distinctive interpretations. Some use Western Art Deco to touch with traditional ethnic elements, some integrate cheongsam elements into tropical style, and some use traditional fabrics as a guide to tell a story of returning to the basics with design…

When the Art Deco decorative arts meet the silhouette of the oriental national style, the AAMAHO spring and summer 2021 series make full use of the soft and advanced characteristics of knitted fabrics, which are elegant and modern.

The knitting of different textures is played out. The knitting that is thin to a bit of perspective reduces the overall sense of volume. The knitting of luster and the special dark pattern design is low-key with a gorgeous and careful machine. Irregular tailoring allows the skirt to sway as you walk, and there is more femininity in the drape and softness. The main colors are off-white with low saturation, light gray, haze blue and different shades of green, which are advanced and gentle. The patterns of various ethnic styles are rearranged and combined to keep the essence of Eastern culture while being simple and modern.

The western tailoring style and the eastern ethnic elements are organically blended together, which is the real western and eastern rhyme.


#色与花的Carnival Party#

The foggy 2021 spring and summer show is a carnival of colors. The brilliant colors you can think of can probably be found on the show floor. Bright yellow, warm orange, gorgeous rose red, vibrant green, luxurious metallic color, and various large-area tropical-style prints are visually aggressive and arrogantly focus the attention of the audience.

The 2021 Spring/Summer Show in Fog is a passionate dance. The opening Latin dance was enthusiastic and joyous, as if opening a random door, and the scene immediately entered the carnival party. The models entered the party with a cheerful and enchanting dance step with a red wine glass, or a baguette in their arms, or an umbrella with a beast head.

The tops of the models have also become a vanity fair. Hats of various shapes, hair bands and headbands of various colors, three-dimensional flowers blooming in the hair, towering peacock feathers, flying feathers in the wind… Various hair accessories are also fighting for beauty.


#Using ecological fabrics to tell the relationship between man and nature#

With a distant call, the girl wrapped in a large piece of blue fabric slowly danced in the warm orange light, as if communicating with the surrounding air and the earth. SISTER XIONG, which uses ecological fabric fragrant cloud yarn as the carrier, uses this The ceremonial opening took the audience to “return to the earth”.

The well-defined tailoring maximizes the luster and crispness of the fragrant cloud yarn. The various exquisite dark patterns and deep-color printing have a kind of implicit luxury. On the basis of traditional Chinese clothing, there is more modern neat and chic. The slit design makes the robe and skirt elegant, and the wide girdle with exquisite patterns emphasizes the waistline, and also gives the wide structure an emphasis. The last appearance of the dress series, tailored three-dimensional, coupled with local Chinese embroidery and sequins, restrained luxury but more texture.



Sitting in the thezrsh2021 spring and summer show, the loud sound of seagulls and the continuous sound of waves one after another, as if you can feel the sea breeze blowing across your face. It makes people want to hold a coconut in their hand and listen to the retro psychedelic chillwave, leaving a string of footprints on the beach.

Different levels of brown and beige set the retro tone of the spring and summer of 2021. Ocean blue and grass green are occasionally added to form a contrasting color. The overall color texture is richer, making people seem to see the brown of sand and stone, the blue of ocean, and the color of forest. green. A silk shirt with a sweater vest, striped and checked dress stitched together, and a woolen beret, these daily elements are not boring at all under the ingenious combination of the designer. Irregular tailoring, hollowing and perspective details show the girl’s agility and naughty. The appearance of a retro straw hat with a large brim makes people want to take a bag and go for a walk on the beach in the next second.



The pink neon light flickered, opening the CARMEN spring and summer show with the theme of “Dialogue WOMEN”.

The curvaceous curve is the key to femininity. Whether it is a dress or a suit, when the line is tightened at the waist, women who shuttle in different spaces and social roles can freely exude feminine charm. On top of the basic black and white, dreamy taro purple, soft beige, fresh light blue, and romantic lily prints. The soft colors are reminiscent of a lazy spring garden. Lace, big lotus leaf, lantern sleeves, feminine elements dotted on the slim and smooth skirt, adding a gentle touch. Clever use of yarn and chiffon perspective, restrained sexy is very elegant.

Ruby Fang

#中国潮绣合Modern Mechanics#

What other tricks can we play with the integration of things?

The answer of the haute couture brand Ruby Fang is: to integrate traditional Chinese embroidery with modern western design mechanics.

Therefore, in the Ruby Fang2021 spring and summer show, you can see the traditional cheongsam with small stand-up collar and black plate button, splicing tulle lantern sleeves, and dispelling restraint with cuteness. You can see the classic feathers and three-dimensional flowers of western fairy skirts blooming on the mopping long yarn at the same time as the classic oriental embroidery patterns, which is fairy and restrained. The most amazing is an innovative cheongsam full of sequins. One side is as short as shorts and the other side is as long as a mopping. Every step I take, I am swaying, my eyes full of stars.

In such a special year of 2020, masks have become basic equipment. The masks on this show are also advanced to the aesthetics of the East and West, lace beads, bead embroidery, diamond tassels, three-dimensional flowers and flowers… the lower half of the faces of the models have also become a vanity fair.

As the designer said, what we design is not just a dress, but a coat of girl’s dream, an armor of faith.


#Capture the stylish light and shadow of the building#

Hugo wrote in “Notre Dame de Paris”: “There is no important thought of human beings that is not written on stone by architectural art.” The VIMAGE Spring/Summer 2021 series is inspired by architectural art works. The huge appeal of the transformation of points, lines, planes and spaces is substituted into the design, and the combination of architecture and fashion gives people a different psychological transformation.

Incorporating the cutouts of the paper-cut style into the pure white silhouette shirt, compared with a single white shirt, the scattered light and shadow make the sharpness and neatness stronger. The blue ink-painted long skirt is hollowed out at the waist, revealing looming lines, and the avant-garde is wrapped in softness. The light goose yellow is similar to the marble pattern, and it is like walking on the soft sand on the beach, elegant and comfortable. Whether it’s black and white tassels, pink, yellow and gouache colors, or even technically sturdy fabrics, they all carry the abstract mood of architectural art and show different atmospheres in the show. Or look at the buildings in the city, or go to a small town in the suburbs to experience the countryside.


# Mystery Party in the Dark Castle#

A long dress with silver stars on the skirt is probably the perfect opening dress for the mysterious party in the dark castle.

SEYDOUS2021 spring and summer new products create this mysterious gathering atmosphere, creating a perfect fusion of cool and smart in a dark style. Exquisite tailoring creates an avant-garde silhouette, with every detail showing mystery and fantasy. Coupled with dark Mary Jane shoes and rivet high heels, all black can also be beautiful and high profile. Black-bottomed pink polka-dot skirt with fisherman hat, this is the party “tight robe” of ghost horse elves; dark green polka-dot suit dress is the best dress for the hostess of the castle, dotted diamonds and pearls add to the overall look Bright colors.

As the night darkens, the last tie-dye print dress will make you transformed into a fashionable party queen with no personality and no madness.


S/S 2021 show direct hit | gorgeous is a sense of ceremony

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