The popular singer Saad al-Saghir participated in his personal account on the application of the photographs in Entagram, in which he appeared with the media Wafa'a al-Kilani, from the scenes of his series with her new program "Takhrif". Saad al-Saghir said in a comment on the picture of the imminent presentation of his conversation with Wafaa al-Kilani program Tarikhif, commented: "soon in Takharif with Wafa al-Kilani mbc1." On the other hand, Saad al-Saghir started filming a new program that will bring him back to the announcer's chair. The idea of ​​the program is to provide help to those who are coming to marry with special devices in their homes and participate in the workshops as a group of stars as guests to share their joy in the night of life.


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