Saalbach: alcoholic woman crashes into the Red Cross office

Wild accident

Drunk takes refuge after crash


The alcoholic woman in Saalbach could be researched. (SYMBOL IMAGE)

After a wild alcohol crash in Saalbach (Pinzgau) on Sunday evening, the person who caused the accident simply ran away. A short time later, however, she could be picked up, according to the police.

As the police announced, a car crashed into the house wall of the Red Cross rescue service in Saalbach. The supposed driver simply parked the vehicle and fled to an apartment building.

Alcoholic researched in Saalbach

The woman was quickly investigated and questioned about the incident. “The 42-year-old local showed herself to be heavily drunk, quick-tempered and refused to carry out an alcohol test,” the police wrote in a broadcast. The woman is displayed.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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