Saale Bulls Halle set themselves apart after victory with five points

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Behind them are the Tilburg Trappers, two games behind. The Hamburger Crocodiles overtook the Herner and are now in sixth place. Of the last seven teams, only Krefeld and Rostock were victorious. Krefeld overtook Rostock, now stands at twelve and Rostock in turn gave the red lantern back to Hamm.

Krefelder EV U23 – Hammer Eisbären 6: 4 (3: 0, 2: 0, 1: 4)

Maybe you should tell the polar bears before the game that it won’t take 20 minutes, but 60. The reason for this nasty comment: Once again, the Hammer were hopelessly behind after 40 minutes, only to come back with verve and almost to make up a 5-0 deficit. Krefeld, who had their best forces in Luca Hauf and Marcel Mahkovec, each with three points, led 5-0 after 33 minutes. This score lasted until the 43rd minute and then the guests began to catch up. Eleven minutes later, the home side was only 5: 4 and only an empty-nicer from Tim Dreschmann eleven seconds before the end of the game ended the discussion after the winner.

Goals: 1: 0 (01:35) Adrian Grygiel (Hauf, Schmitz), 2: 0 (12:34) Luca Hauf (Mahkovec, Schuster), 3: 0 (15:01) Adrian Grygiel (Mahkovec, Hauf), 4: 0 (28:25) Maciel Rutkowski (Schaaf, Bauermeister), 5: 0 (32:16) Marcel Mahkovec (Ehrich, Onckels), 5: 1 (42:18) Kevin Trapp (Furda, Trivellato), 5: 2 (45:55) Michel Limböck (Lichnovsky, Hoppe), 5: 3 (48:39) Artyom Alexandrow (Schutz, Spacek), 5: 4 (53:55) Christopher Schutz, 6: 4 (59:49) Tim Dreschmann (Schitz, Rutkowski ENG).

Hannover Scorpions – Herner EV Miners 6:4 (1:2, 1:2, 4:0)

Whenever the Herner turn up in Mellendorf there is a playful spectacle and it was like that on Friday evening. Although only in sixth place, the Miners showed their teeth to the local Scorpions, leading 4-2 after forty minutes, only to leave the ice with a defeat in the end. To call the whole thing undeserved, however, would be wrong, because the Scorpions showed morale, came with a lot of power from the last third break and in the end also had the luck of the capable. Outstanding at the end was Scorpions striker Julian Airich, who scored four points and so rose to 16th place in the scorer list. Also excellent Thomas Supis. The Defender scored three points, is currently in 28th place and is the best North defender. At the Hernern ex-Scorpion Tomi Wilenius convinced with three points.

Tore: 0: 1 (06:36) Dennis Swinnen (Orendorz, ​​Fominych), 0: 2 (09:25) Nils Liesegang (Wilenius, Marsall), 1: 2 (12:09) Christoph Kabitzky (Just, Hammond), 1: 3 (31:29) Tomi Wilenius (Komov, Peleikis), 2: 3 (33:25) Julian Airich (Supis, Just 5-4), 2: 4 (35:59) Denis Fominych (Swinnen, Wilenius) , 3: 4 (40:28) Mike Hammond (Supis 5-4), 4: 4 (48:46) Thomas Supis (Kabitzky, Airich 5-4), 5: 4 (57:52) Julian Airich, 6: 4 (59:01) Tyler Gron (Valery Trabucco, Airich).

Crocodiles Hamburg – EG Diez-Limburg 7:5 (2:1, 4:1, 1:3)

Once again, two facts emerged. On the one hand, that the Crocodiles almost fell over their underground chances in the first third (18: 4) and, on the other hand, that the Limburgers felt more comfortable away than at home and almost the Hamburgers would have fallen. With the Crocodiles you could thank the second block (14 points) for the victory, while the first row only got a measly four points. In Limburg, the trio Steve Slaton, Leonhard Korus and Lorenzo Valenti showed the strongest performance with two points each. For goalkeeper Louis Busch the working day was over after the 1: 5 and his deputy Tim Stenger only had to reach behind him twice.

Goals: 1: 0 (00:37) Dominik Lascheit (Zuravlev, Reed 5-4), 2: 0 (03:02) Dominik Lascheit (Zuravlev, Reimer), 2: 1 (15:08) Lorenzo Valenti (Voronow, Lehtonen), 3: 1 (22:02) Dennis Reimer (Zuravlev, Tramm), 4: 1 (22:47) Norman Martens (Reed, Domogalla), 5: 1 (25:57) Dominik Lascheit (Gauch, Zuravlev) , 6: 1 (33:35) Maximilian Schaludek (Östling, Zimmermann), 6: 2 (37:05) Konstantin Firsanow (Korus, Valenti), 7: 2 (50:44) Jan Tramm (Reimer, Gauch), 7 : 3 (51:58) Nikita Krymskiy (König, Lademann), 7: 4 (53:56) Kyle Brothers (Matheson, Slaton), 7: 5 (59:05) Steve Slaton (Korus, Büsing).

Saale Bulls Halle – Hannover Indians 4: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1, 3: 1)

In the second top game of the day, the people of Halle deservedly won against their pursuers from the Hanoverian horse tower and took five points ahead of the second Scorpions in the table. The backdrop in Halle is disappointing. Just 900 spectators, including a busload from Hanover, witnessed how the Bulls prevailed in the third period after an even game. The decisive factor was the 2: 1 when Bulls striker Lukas Valasek was able to use a double majority game. After Roman Pfennings’ 3: 1, by the way, like Valasek already active for the Indians, another ex-Hanoverian, this time the former Scorpion Patrick Schmid, set the last exclamation point with the 4: 1. Pascal Grosse from Halle caused a negative in the last minute of the game. The striker was probably hit by the second Indians goal by Jayden Schubert on the stomach, because he fought one last fight with the Indian Joe Kiss and then had to accept a match penalty, 46 seconds before the end. For the statistics: Parker Bowles scored the first Indian goal with a penalty and settled in sixth place in the league with his 22nd scorer point.

Tore: 1: 0 (02:27) Tim May (Halbauer, Valasek), 1: 1 (31:17) Parker Bowles (PS), 2: 1 (44:16) Lukas Valasek (Niemelä, Vihavainen 5-3) , 3: 1 (47:20) Roman Pfennings (Schmid, Hildebrand), 4: 1 (58:23) Patrick Schmid, 4: 2 (59:14) Jayden Schubert (Salka, Pohl).

Rostock piranhas – mosquitoes eating 4: 3 (2: 1, 1: 0, 0: 2, 1: 0) nV

In the end, that was pure luck for the piranhas against the physically strong Essenes. The home side, with only 13 field players, dominated the game for over forty minutes, deservedly led, had to accept the deserved equalization in the third period and in overtime, when everyone was waiting for the penalty shootout, the Hungarian-Canadian Jesse Dudas succeeded with the first Rostock shot in the extension of the winning goal. The piranhas overtook the hammer again and are now in 13th place. Outstanding on the Rostock side Lukas Koziol and Justin Maylan with three points each. Maylan is currently with 24 scorer points (3 goals) behind Patrick Schmid from Halle in third place on the scorer list, Lukas Koziol with 18 points in a strong 18th place. For Essen, Mark Zajic (43rd place) and Andre Huebscher (57th place) were the most eager point collectors with two points each.

Tore: 1: 0 (07:12) August von Ungern-Sternberg (Maylan, Lavallee), 2: 0 (09:47) Lukas Koziol (Maylan, Gerstung), 2: 1 (16:59) Andre Huebscher (MacLeod, Zajic), 3: 1 (28:27) Justin Maylan (Balla, Koziol 5-4), 3: 2 (40:41) Mitch Bruijsten (Spelleken, Kreuzmann), 3: 3 (56:24) Enrico Saccomani (Zajic , Huebscher 5-4), 4: 3 (64:18) Jesse Dudas (Koziol, Morgan).

Herford EV – Icefighters Leipzig 3: 4 (1: 0, 1: 2, 1: 2)

With luck, the people of Leipzig were able to master the Herford hurdle. However, in the end the more powerful game of the guests prevailed, who in turn impressed with a strong defense. In the goal, Leipzig goalkeeper Patrick Glatzel beat his counterpart Kieren Vogel (81.8 percent) with a catch rate of 88.5 percent and then the first Leipzig block was clearly superior to its counterparts with 4: -7 points. Only in one discipline did the Herford team prove to be more than equal. In the power play, they were able to successfully complete two of seven attempts (28 percent), while the Leipzigers only had two options.

Goals: 1: 0 (09:51) Quirin Stocker (Rinke, Begovs 5-4), 2: 0 (25:04) Christoph Koziol (Schütt, Weikamp), 2: 1 (32:43) Maximilian Spöttel (Miguez 4 -5), 2: 2 (34:27) Joonas Riekkinen (Slanina, Farrell), 2: 3 (44:03) Ian Farrell (Slanina, Riekkinen), 3: 3 (49:59) Dennis Schütt (Berekowskij, Koziol ), 3: 4 (51:43) Maximilian Spöttel (Stopinski, Burns).