Saarland: Cross-border commuter dispute: EU calls for the end of double taxation Regional

Saarbrucken – Now the EU Commission is putting pressure on Germany!

More than 1000 cross-border commuters have filed complaints with the social court because they are taxed twice for short-time work benefits – on the German and on the French side (BILD reported). There is now backing from the EU Commission.

In a letter of formal notice, she calls on Germany to “bring its rules for calculating benefits for cross-border commuters into line with EU law in order to avoid discrimination”.

Germany must respond “within two months” – otherwise there will be mail from the EU again.

A success for the president of the cross-border commuters’ association in the Moselle department, Arsène Schmitt (73). He immediately wrote to Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (49, SPD) to end the “unsustainable situation”.

Schmitt in his letter: “With this letter of formal notice, we hope that the Franco-German tax agreement and the judgments of the Federal Social Court in Kassel of November 3, 2021, the Social Court in Saarbrücken on February 17, 2022 and the last judgment of the Federal Social Court in Kassel on September 22 be implemented.”

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