“Saarmojis”: The Saarland now has its own emojis

“Saarmojis”: The Saarland now has its own emojis

Some “Saarmojis”

Federal states need their own emojis. This is at least the government of the Saarland convinced and is about to start. Hundreds of “Saarmojis” are now available, others are to follow.

Saarland now has its own emojis: the ” Saarmojis “The pictograms presented on Tuesday range from Lyon sausage and Schwenker grill on Ludwigskirche and Saarpolygon to typical sayings such as” Hauptsach gudd gess! “Or” Saarcre bleu. “The Saarland is, according to the communication designer Zymryte Hoxhaj, the idea The first set should not be the end, among other things, students should have the opportunity to develop more, Report the St. Wendeler Land News ,
“Great figurehead”

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between there are always pearls too bad for / dev / null.

“We Saarlanders are very connected to our homeland and proud of their peculiarities – it is high time that this has also found its way into digital communication,” said Hoxhaj. The first nearly 400 pictures from a total of twelve categories were presented in Saarbrücken on Tuesday – including food and drink, idioms, sports and mood. Economics Minister Anke Rehlinger, whose ministry supported the development, described the “Saarmojis” as a “great figurehead” and “valuable instrument for branding for the Saarland”.
Interested, the pictures can have their own app for Android or iOS Download “Saarmoji” on your devices. It then adds its own keyboard that allows emojis to be pasted into other apps. There, however, they are displayed as pictures and thus often much larger than those provided by the operating system classic emojis , ( with dpa material ) /

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