Sabina continues in the ICU waiting for a new medical part: “It’s all normal”

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It is a type of operation that requires between 24 and 48 hours to see if the operation has “had the effect”, according to his manager

Sabina leaves her concert after suffering a spectacular fall.

The artist Joaquín Sabina continues to enter theIntensive Care Unit (ICU)of theRuber International Hospitalfrom Madrid, after having been operated on Thursday because of an “intracranial hematoma”, according to the part issued by the center.

As pointed out this Friday to Europa Press onmanagerfrom Sabina,José Navarro ‘Berry’, “everything is normal” and the artist will be evaluated during the morning of this Friday, when it is expected that the medical team will issue a new part about his state of health.

Themanagerde Sabina, who remained in the hospital until 10 pm on Thursday, said that until the moment he left the medical center there was no “news“. As Berry has pointed out, who has not yet had the opportunity to speak with Sabina, it is a type of operation that requires between 24 and 48 hours to see if it has “had the effect.”

According to the medical part issued on Thursday, to which Europa Press had access, Sabina entered this hospital on Wednesday, February 13 “after having suffered an accidental fall” and after the operation was “stable”.

The singer presented “left shoulder trauma, thoracic and cranioencephalic” and was surgically intervened for “evacuation of intracranial hematoma in the right hemisphere.”

Sabina entered this hospital last Wednesday while offering a concert at theWiZink Centerfrom Madrid, where he suffered a “fortuitous” fall when he was on stage, according to the organization.

The mishap took place around 9:00 p.m., 30 minutes after the concert began, when Sabina was on stage saying a few words to present the mythical songMediterranean.

at that moment, he tripped and fell into the pit so that he took a heavy blow as he rushed to the area that separates the stage from the public. He was immediately attended by the medical staff of the enclosure. Sabina complained of a severe pain in her shoulder so she was transferred to a hospital in Madrid.

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