Sabine Berezina celebrates her 30th and is heading for new victories

“The message of the song is emotional, and it will definitely make you think about the basic values ​​of life. We each have moments in our lives when we succeed and less. One of the biggest benefits of a person – someone who is there not only in successful moments, someone who helps to receive, someone who supports and encourages. “Towards victory” is a story about the fact that not everything in life goes according to plan and the way we intended. We are unable to influence many events due to external factors. We run through life to achieve more, and often we remember our loved ones only when we have failed, “says the author of the text Zita Ile Onckule.

“Each of us has been given our own time in life, some more, some less. This song makes us think about how fulfilled it is, how much we appreciate what we are given and how productive we live in it. The song is a motivation to live with a full breast, to dream and go towards victories, realizing that we can only do it with the support of people close to us and being around, ”says Sabīne Geiba, who is the author of the song’s music.

“Towards Victory” in the emotional story, music and Sabine Geiba’s performance encourages everyone to open their eyes to see and appreciate the people around them. Most often it is a family forgotten in a daily hurry – parents, brother, sister, husband or wife. These people share love and accept us for who we are, not just when we feel good. They give us the strength to get up and face victory over and over after each fall. That is why we ourselves must give our loved ones the most precious thing that belongs to us – our time, we must share with love and appreciate our loved ones even when success is with us.

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