Sable’s release date is now a reality

We had seen real indie evolve, a precious exploration inspired by the work of Jean Giraud (Möbius). Sable is finally released today.

Developer Shedworks and publisher Raw Fury stopped by Summer Game Fest today to announce that their game will release September 23 on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.

A A new gameplay trailer was recently released for Sable, which featured 13 minutes of gameplay from the long-awaited indie. When this video came out it was made clear that this was an alpha version of the project, so there is still a lot to do before the official premiere in September.

Despite this, the current result is quite attractive and shows the following to its impressive artistic orientation offers interesting access to free exploration.

In Sable, we can run, climb, jump, talk to other characters, float, speeder bike and ultimately move freely in the environment with which we also interact.

All this with the aim of discovering the secrets of a civilization that inhabits a magnificent desert of dunes, ruins and cities. There will be complete freedom to connect with its residents through dialogues with options to choose from. Of course, there will also be puzzles that we can or cannot solve and a customization system for our vehicle.

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