Sacha Baron Cohen has Borat meddle in the midterm elections

Sacha Baron Cohen has Borat meddle in the midterm elections

On Tuesday night, there was no competition among the late hosts, as four separate programs were broadcast live to cover the midterm elections. So Jimmy Kimmel brought out the big guns – in particular Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as borate.

After breaking the comedy with a whole new set of Showtime characters from American politics for weeks Who is America? Cohen appeared to be at home in his old role as the backward reporter from Kazakhstan. In a wealthy neighborhood in Los Angeles, he went from door to door to discuss the state of American politics and to vote for "Premier Trump" and the Republicans.

His tactic was to ask an adult woman, "Is there anyone in this house who can vote?" And try to prevent a Jewish voter from going to the polls by taunting him with bacon. His argument in defense of the President's policy? "What's the problem of being a racist? I am a racist and it is nice! "Despite a hostile statement to the contrary, Borat did insist, "[Trump] is a racist against the Muslims and a racist against the Jews; He is racist against all peoples. "He even went home in the bathroom of this man, undressed and wrapped himself in a towel.

Although the Democrats lost seats in the Senate, they regained control of the House of Representatives. The interim results may therefore be a little too differentiated to make a comprehensive statement about the effects of borate. But anyway, we can all be united in a disappointment: not once in the entire video did he utter the words "my wife".

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