Sachslehner successor: Christian Stocker becomes the new General Secretary of the ÖVP

ÖVP boss and Chancellor Karl Nehammer has appointed MP Christian Stocker as General Secretary of the People’s Party. The party announced this in a broadcast on Friday. Nehammer described him as a “preferred candidate”. The 62-year-old lawyer comes from Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria and has been a member of the National Council since 2019.

A new general secretary had become necessary because Viennese Laura Sachslehner resigned from the post two weeks ago. The 28-year-old, who remains a member of the Vienna City Council, did not spare criticism of her own party when she resigned: she could no longer support the line of the ÖVP, she did not want to bend and “not curry favor” with her coalition partner.

Fresh off the U Committee

Your successor Stocker will have to calm these waves. He knows the party and its structures “inside out and is well connected in our state and sub-organizations,” praised Nehammer: “He will be the strong, level-headed and competent voice of the People’s Party.” The party leader was convinced that Stocker “will be able to set the course for a future-proof, campaign-capable and powerful people’s party”.

There is also praise for the Vice Mayor of Wiener Neustadt from the powerful ÖVP club chairman August Wöginger. Stocker stands for “politics with acumen and competence,” explained Wöginger, who also praised the cooperation in the National Council with the ÖVP security spokesman in a broadcast. Unlike Sachslehner, Wöginger should now be able to save himself a whistle from the Secretary General in the future.

Stocker recently dealt with the party’s problem areas in the ÖVP corruption committee. Together with VP parliamentary group leader Andreas Hanger, he did less error analysis, at least to the outside world, but gave the defensive wall against the opposition and the Greens. As a rule, the lawyer expressed his criticism a little more quietly than his party colleague Hanger – albeit with a similar frequency of vehemence and, above all, frequency.

Not only asked in the People’s Party

Now the Lower Austrian will be responsible for communicating the line of the ÖVP to the outside world – and will run the business of the People’s Party together with the Turkish federal manager Alexander Proell. It is questionable whether Stocker can keep all his previous functions in addition to the new job.

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After all, the 62-year-old is deputy mayor in Wiener Neustadt and ÖVP city party chairman, security spokesman for his party in the National Council, member of five committees and chairman of the Committee on Internal Affairs. In addition, Stocker works as a lawyer in Lower Austria and holds three supervisory board positions through his position as deputy mayor.