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Sacramento cop fatally shot by gunman in ambush, suspect surrenders after 8-hour standoff: report

A police officer in Sacramento, Calif., Who died on Wednesday in a police station.

Police later identified the slain officer as 26-year-old Tara O'Sullivan. The suspected gunman surrendered to authorities after he barricaded himself inside a home for nearly eight hours, The Sacramento Bee reported.

O'Sullivan has been working for the city since January 2018, according to city records cited by the paper. She was part of the Sacramento State Academy Law Enforcement Candidates Scholars Program in 2017 and went to the Sacramento Police Academy.

Tara O'Sullivan was fatally shot Wednesday evening by a rifleman.

Tara O'Sullivan was fatally shot Wednesday evening by a rifleman.
(LECS recruitment video.)

Vague Chandler said: "Sgt. Vance Chandler said:" The officers were wounded, Sgt. Vance Chandler said: "Several officers were on a domestic disturbance call, helping a woman collect her belongings and leave a home on Redwood Avenue near Edgewater. Deputy Chief Dave Peletta said O'Sullivan was partnered with a training officer when she was shot just before 6pm.


O'Sullivan lay in the backyard of a home and officer could not reach because of the gunman kept firing, Chandler said. Police were swarming backyards in search of a suspect and warning people to stay inside. Multiple gunshots were reportedly heard.

The gunman likely fired from the backyard of a home there, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The paper, citing police scanner chatter, reported a suspect.

Police said they were undercover for about 40 minutes until they were able to get an armored vehicle in the area and execute a rescue of O'Sullivan. It took more than 45 minutes to get to the hospital, Chandler said.

"To Tara's parents and family, and Tara's fellow officers, I am so sorry," wrote Darrell Steinberg on Twitter. "As a father I'm grieving with you." As Mayor of the city she sore to protect, our city is heartbroken and we're all here every step of the way. "

Multiple law enforcement agencies were assisting the Sacramento Police Department. Police warned residents by loudspeaker to stay out of the area near the intersection of Redwood Avenue and Edgewater Road. Police were keeping media and onlookers out of sight of the scene.


The suspect emerged from the front door of a barricaded home shortly before 2 a.m., ending a nearly eight-hour standoff with authorities, according to The Bee. Officers had managed to negotiate with a cell phone, the report said.

Police said he was taken into custody. No additional details were released.


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