Sad case of a grandfather who mistook his medicine for poison

The old man spent several days in a health center, but died from the serious state of intoxication.

For four days, relatives of Álvaro Vargas Rodríguez, 84, between prayers and prayers, waited for him to recover satisfactorily in a health center, after he mistakenly ingested a poison used to exterminate pests such as insects and ticks, however yesterday he died.

What the police authorities knew is that the older adult ingested the poison by mistaking it for a prescribed medicine and that day he began to have various health problems such as vomiting.

His frightened relatives asked him if he had taken something to treat the discomfort, to which the old man pointed out the poison. The relatives immediately transferred Álvaro Vargas to a health center in Sardinata, but due to the high degree of intoxication, he was sent to the Santa Ana clinic in Cúcuta, where he spent several days trying to be stabilized by the doctors.