Sad day: world champion horse dead, Werth disqualified

CHIO in Aachen

Sad day: world champion horse dead, Werth disqualified

Updated: 07/02/2022 18:16

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Blood in the mouth of Isabell Werth’s Quantaz, a dead horse cross-country in eventing and a winner who was only allowed to be a winner for a short time – ray of hope: Christian Ahlmann wins the show jumping.

Aachen. It was a completely new experience for Isabell Werth. In the middle of her presentation in the Grand Prix Special at the CHIO in Aachen, the seven-time Olympic dressage champion was heralded by the judges on Saturday.

There was blood on the muzzle of her 12-year-old stallion, Quantaz. According to the rules, Werth had to stop her ride and was disqualified. The cause was harmless but had serious consequences: Quantaz bit his tongue, Werth said. “Shit happens. If you haven’t experienced everything, you haven’t been there long enough. Now I have had this experience,” said the 52-year-old from Rheinberg. “It was the first time and hopefully the last time.”

Due to the disqualification, the German team missed the chance to win the national ranking. Denmark secured this with Cathrine Dufour at the top. The 30-year-old won with Vamos Amigos ahead of Frederic Wandres from Hagen am Teutoburger Wald on Duke of Britain.

World champion horse was euthanized

The eventing cross-country ride was much more dramatic. The world champion horse Allstar B, ridden by Briton Rosalind Canter, hit an obstacle with his left front leg, but did not fall. Canter immediately dismounted from the 17-year-old stallion. Allstar B was taken to a veterinary clinic. There he could no longer be helped. Canter and co-owner Caroline Moore decided to have the horse euthanized. Nothing was announced about the nature of the injury. “Something like this hasn’t happened in Aachen for a long time,” said tournament director Frank Kempermann on WDR.

“There are no words for the love and respect I have for Alby,” said Canter in a CHIO announcement. “He played a huge role in building my career and will be missed by many.” With Allstar B, she became a double world champion in 2018 in Tryon.

Young downgraded by jury decision

The fact that the three-time Olympic champion Michael Jung lost the victory with his top horse Chipmunk after a jury decision paled in view of the fate of Allstar B. The 39-year-old from Horb mastered the course with ease on his 14-year-old gelding. After the dressage and jumping the day before, both had been in the lead. At the finish, young were allowed to feel like winners.

However, after studying video images, the judges discovered that he and Chipmunk had not crossed an obstacle correctly. He received 15 penalty points for this and fell back to eighth place.

The fact that there was still a German victory to celebrate was due to former world champion Sandra Auffarth. The 35-year-old from Ganderkesee moved up from second to first place due to the judgment against her teammate. “If I’m second behind Michael after a fair decision, I’ll be happy. If I’m in front of him after a fair decision, I’m even happier,” she said.

Klimke rides dressage and eventing

In the national ranking, the German team took second place behind the British. For the team competition, Jung relied on Kilcandra, who was only nine years old. In addition to Jung and Auffarth, the quartet also included Olympic champion Julia Krajewski from Warendorf with her gold horse Amande de B’Néville and Ingrid Klimke with Siena.

The 54-year-old from Münster and her ten-year-old mare were the team’s worst-placed in 28th place. Nevertheless, Klimke provided a novelty in Aachen. Apart from the eventing team, she also rode for the dressage team on Saturday.

A little less than an hour and a half before she started her cross-country ride, Klimke and Franziskus had finished her appearance in the Grand Prix Special in the Dessur Stadium. After a blunder, she finished 14th.

Ahlmann wins with Solid Gold in jumping

Christian Ahlmann won the most important competition of the day. With the fastest clear ride in the winning round, the 47-year-old from Marl on Solid Gold prevailed with the fastest clear ride in the winning round.

There was also a moment of shock in this test, which is worth 90,000 euros: Brit Harry Charles and his gelding Borsato fell after missing the jump in front of an obstacle. Both were unharmed. The highlight on Sunday is the Aachen Grand Prix, which is worth 1.5 million euros. Then there should be better pictures again, the organizers hope.

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