Sad girl, boyfriend doesn’t have a chance to meet mom. Shocked with tears. Actually, mother has known him since he was young. Destiny.

Sad girl, boyfriend doesn’t have a chance to meet mom After leaving for a long time, she was shocked and shedding tears that her mother had known since before entering kindergarten. There are photos together. Destiny.

Many people may have come across many unexpected surprises in their lives. Some people believe it was a coincidence. but for some It might be a matter of destiny.

Leah Menzies, 18, is a college student in Australia. But her life was more tragic than any other girl. When she lost her mother at the age of 7, she grew up as an orphan.

Currently Leah I have a boyfriend named Thomas McLeod. She has been with him for 7 months. They love each other well, but there are things that make her sad. That was not being able to introduce him to his mother. He didn’t even get a chance to see her mother once.

deep story

But who knows, when Leah visits the Thomas family home one day? His mother showed her an old photo album, picked up a picture of him as a child when he was 3 years old. in order to tease the grimace of his little son

It was Thomas who released the album. Before he had a face as if he saw a ghost…

deep story

“He opened this album and all of a sudden he sang, oh my god, so many times I wonder why he got this drama,” Leah said.

Leah has an unexpected surprise. girl standing behind thomas It made her very eye-catching and shocking. Because that person was her mother, and Thomas remembered from a frequent picture he had seen in his girlfriend’s room.

It turns out that Leah’s mother was a teacher who took care of preschool children. One of the children Leah’s mother used to care for was Thomas. that means Her mother had met him. and known before her when she saw that picture She was so moved that the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

Leah said her mother died of liver failure. She was young then. But she always has good memories and misses her mother. The story that happened was incredible and very eerie.

“It’s incredible that my mother knows him. What shocked me is Mom is by my future boyfriend. And you don’t even know.” Leah

after Leah This video clip was posted on TikTok last May. It gained popularity quickly. It received 45.2 million views and 11.8 million likes.

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