The call for another referendum on the planned withdrawal of Britain from the European Union receives prominent support. The mayor of the capital London, Sadiq Khan, joined in a guest post for the Observer the movement for a new vote.

The consequences for jobs, economic development and the standard of living of the British are too great for a Brexit decision to be made without renewed public consultation, Khan wrote. Therefore, there must be a referendum both through a Brexit agreement with the EU and in case there is no agreement and an unregulated one United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum threaten, demanded Khan.

Khan wrote in the guest post that he never expected to support a second referendum. But the government's performance is so miserable and the threat so great that he sees no alternative but to give people the chance to stay in the EU. People would not have chosen Brexit to make themselves poorer or to see how their businesses and healthcare system would suffer. Nor would they have wanted the police to prepare for civil unrest or endanger national security if cooperation with the EU in the fight against terrorism were weakened.

Great Britain wants to leave the European Union at the end of March 2019. The country recently received warnings about the consequences of Brexit without an agreement with the EU. In particular, the economy on the island fears. The British central bank boss Mark Carney spoke of the danger of price collapses in the real estate market. Since the Brexit decision many banks have jobs London relocated. By doing so, they want to ensure that they can continue to provide important services to EU customers and not lose access to the EU financial market.



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