Sadness and intense well-being are expected sensations during quarantine

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Alicia Stolkiner, professor of Public and Mental Health, said today that during the quarantine dictated by the coronavirus pandemic “the evolution of each person is absolutely unique” but that a series of “feelings that cannot be classified as pathologies” are expected, ranging from “sadness” to “paradoxical” feeling of “intense well-being”.

The psychologist participated today in the daily report of the Ministry of Health on the evolution of the new coronavirus in the country and, in this context, she maintained that the “prolonged” transit through this stage will depend on “the economic, social, age, condition of housing and the own history “of each person.

In this sense, he said that at the first stage of “over-demand to adapt to the situation” now there can be “exhaustion” or other “feelings, which cannot be classified as pathologies.”

“There may be moments of great anger that can be channeled to people with whom you live or out, especially when from certain communication measures there seems to be a call for anger that drives you,” he said.

Stolkiner said that “moments of sadness” are to be expected since everyone is “going through a duel” of the “illusory security of the future” that one had in a situation with “a high level of uncertainty”.

There may also be “moments of intense well-being” but “none of this is pathological, each person adapts according to their resources.”

On the other hand, he referred to the transit of this stage in the youngest who, in general, have fears about the health condition of grandparents and parents.

“They need their own privacy and at this moment they are all day with the adults, that is why they sometimes build little houses inside the house,” said the specialist, and recommended facilitating spaces for dialogue so that “doubts or fears” appear.

Finally, he referred to people with “problematic consumption of addictions” and recalled that there are many ways to resort to obtaining containment, from national or jurisdictional telephone lines to public medical services in hospitals and clinics that are prepared to accompany people during this stage. .



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