Safe sports for all – Expression

Stine Sofie Foundation promises in its article in NRK Ytring on 10 May how important it is that we in sports have a safe framework for children and young people’s participation in competitions locally and nationally.

We experience that NIF and the Stine Sofie Foundation share a common goal: To create a safe framework for children and young people’s participation in organized sports. In this specific case, it is precisely considerations of how the interests of children and young people are to be safeguarded that are central. We must ensure that we take care of what children and young people themselves want.

As of today has NIF recommended that the sport should not be open to filming broad-based activity for age groups under 15 through providers of streaming services we have an agreement with.

National guidelines for streaming in grassroots sports are discussed today in the Forum for Ethics and Digital Solutions. An important measure to regulate the electricity market within safe and controlled forms is to ban filming and react to filming and distribution via social media.

The Norwegian Sports Confederation will follow the development close ahead and wants to gain more experience with the solution which is now being implemented in collaboration with the supplier MyGame.

NIF is concerned with getting the filming of breadth activity into controlled forms and that the individual should be able to handle reservations in team sports in a simple way and without being exposed to who has reserved themselves against streaming.

We have now put in place a good and controlled system with built-in automation that stops filming if someone has made a reservation or needs protection.

Children and young people do not justify the reservation. It will not be traceable for the club who has reserved themselves for filming.

Children and young people with special protection needs do not need to make reservations either. This happens automatically because our member registers have been washed against the population register.

In our opinion, by getting filming into controlled forms, we will reduce the unfortunate effects. This is done, among other things, through requirements for users and subscriptions, as well as limited storage and access to recordings.

In this way, we will actively work to ensure that streaming is not abused, edited and redistributed in social media channels.

We work to ensure a good participation process from our members that will ensure a better basis for establishing guidelines and principles for filming broad-based activity.

We will continue the work of ensuring filming into controlled forms and the best possible handling of children’s best interests. Clear guidelines and solutions must be established to ensure the rights of children and young people.

The Sports Association is concerned with protecting children and young people in need of protection and to reduce the risk of both bullying and abuse. The issues Stine Sofie Stiftelsen points out in its article are real and must be taken seriously. From NIF’s side, it is absolutely crucial to have good answers and solutions to these, and we acknowledge the responsibility we have in this context.

We also acknowledge that this is an area where there are as many ethical considerations as legal considerations that must be handled in a wise way.

Therefore, NIF will use the time it will actually take to carry out the necessary processes that the case requires.

NIF is happy to invite you to a dialogue with the Stine Sofie Foundation about further measures.