Safeguard budget: the increase of the CSG reinstated by the deputies in new reading


The MPs reinstated Tuesday night the rise of the CSG to offset the removal of social contributions for employees of the private sector, the main bone of contention with the Senate on the Social Security budget.

On a new reading, the deputies reinstated, by 66 votes to 16, article 7 of the bill, which provides for the two-step elimination of sickness and unemployment contributions for private employees in 2018, representing 3.15% of the salary. , which should translate into the payrolls of 20 million people at the end of January.

To compensate health insurance and unemployment insurance for 17.7 billion euros of lost resources, the CSG, which weighs on all categories of income (wages, pensions, income from capital), will see its rate rise. 1.7 point (from 6.6 to 8.3%), which will bring in 22.5 billion.

Nearly 60% of pensioners, or 8 million people, should be concerned next year, the most modest being exempted or subject to the CSG at reduced rates. Are targeted income exceeding 1.394 net euros per month for a single person over 65 years.

As at first reading, this rise has been sharply criticized, left and right.

“This measure is a scam from the point of view of the rise in purchasing power,” denounced the communist Pierre Dharreville. For Boris Vallaud (PS), she is “the source of incredible injustices”. The UDI Charles de Courson saw there “a rupture of equality”. “When a measure is unfair, it is unfair,” added LR Fabien Di Filippo.

The MEP LREM Frédéric Barbier has proposed an amendment to raise the exemption threshold of the increase for retirees to 1,600 euros net but “this measure would cost 500 million euros,” according to LREM speaker Thomas Mesnier.

MEPs adopted an amendment LREM to change the compensation received by family caregivers as part of the disability compensation benefit (PCH) that would no longer be considered as a heritage income but an income from activity.

As the CSG rate on capital income is higher than that on activity income (8.2% vs. 7.5%), the CSG will therefore go in this case to 9.2%, and not to 9%. 9%.

MEPs also adopted a government amendment to offset the impact of CSG’s hike for author artists.

This compensation mechanism “will take the form of aid to ensure the maintenance of the purchasing power of the author artists,” said Health Minister Agnès Buzyn. This assistance will be implemented by the bodies managing the social security scheme of the authors and financed by the budget of the Ministry of Culture.


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