Safer, Google Develops Reject Spam Call Feature

| | – The rise of spam telephone encourages Google to innovate to overcome it, such as trying a feature called “Verified Call”, a verified call in Brazil.

Launch Antaranews to quote The VergeOn Monday (6/29/2020), the feature was integrated into the Phone application for Android mobile users in Brazil, displaying the business name, logo and reason for calling.

“We are testing a feature in the Phone application that can verify calls from business contacts in Brazil,” Google said.

Google said, this feature can help users find out the identity of the caller from a business account.

Google relies on business owners to provide their telephone numbers, telephone numbers of people they contact, and reasons for contacting. If all information matches, the Verified Call will appear when there is an incoming call.

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This feature is expected to be useful to identify whether the call included “spam”.

Logo Google. [Shutterstock]
Logo Google. [Shutterstock]

However, this feature is recognized to still have some disadvantages. One of them, only business accounts that have been registered with Google will be marked. So that does not mean every incoming call is spam.

According to Google, this feature only applies to the Google Phone application, meaning that not all Android phones will get this feature.

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Users also need to add phone numbers to Google accounts to be able to use this feature. Google will delete the phone number and reason for the call within minutes when the call has been verified.



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