Sahara dust arrives in Venezuela this Sunday :: La Prensa de Lara

THE PRESS OF LARA | Agencies.- The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology He reported that This Sunday comes dust from the Sahara desert. It will be in the country for 96 hours.

“It is expected that today in the evening hours and at least during the next 96 hours, slight to moderate concentrations of Saharan dust will be maintained in our country,” the institution said on its Twitter account.

He indicated that lthe particles will enter from the eastern region of Venezuela, reducing both air quality and visibility.

WHO concern

According to the World Health Organization, dust from the Sahara contains bacteria, mercury, viruses, iron, and pesticides.

That is why people who suffer from respiratory problems are now threatened not only by covid-19, but by this dust, indicates the BBC Mundo in an article about this phenomenon published in the middle of last year.

These storms, when they manage to concentrate and reach populated areas of Europe and America, can cause the appearance of allergies and asthmatic attacks in many people“says the WHO.

The organization explained that when this mist appears, it is common for people to report cases of flu or allergies. “They may have been caused by contact with particles of biological origin.”

How to protect yourself?

The WHO detailed that citizens should take shelter in their homes when there is a concentration of dust. Older adults, children and pregnant women are the ones who should be more vigilant.

Given this, recommended the use of masks or face masks. If one is not handy, people can put a wet cloth between their nose and mouth.

“If you have a sensation of foreign bodies in your eyes, wash with plenty of water. It is preferable to use drinking water, boiled or chlorinated. Wash your hands before starting the procedure,” he stressed.

Finally, it recommends covering the floors of homes with water so that no particles remain in the air when sweeping, as well as not leaving containers with water uncovered so that they are not contaminated.

Information source: El Nacional.



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