Saint-Dié high school students informed about the different donations

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This Monday, the Baumont high school organized its donation day at the initiative of the two nurses, Fanny Piotrowski and Émilie Koch, as part of the health and citizenship education committee. In total, more than 150 final year students, from 1re year of BTS and additional mention attended presentations of three different donations: blood donation with the Association for voluntary blood donation of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and its region, organ donation with Marie -Christine Villaume, lead coordination nurse for organ and tissue donation at Saint-Charles Hospital, and, for the first time, the donation of gametes (spermatozoa, oocytes, embryos) with Catherine Diligent, laboratory manager of medically assisted procreation (AMP) at the Nancy CHRU.

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“An activity multiplied by 7”

Informing, breaking down received ideas… Donor needs are there. “The activity has been multiplied by 7” since the bioethics law of 2021 (and the possibility for two women in a couple or an unmarried woman to have recourse to an AMP), argues Catherine Diligent. His laboratory makes less than 40 donations a year, “minimal activity”.

For oocytes and spermatozoa, the minimum age for donating is set at majority, ie 18, a close age threshold for high school students. The donation is free and anonymous (access to origins is however possible for children from a donation, from the age of 18, who request it), you must be a volunteer, in good health to participate and follow the procedures in place.

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