Saint Etienne. Chicandier, the child of the country, plays a tailor-made role in the film Music Hole

Jason Chicandier opens up in the interview “Stéphanoise Gueuleton”

We no longer present the garagna! Comedian, author, actor, Chicandier was present at the premiere of the film Music Hole in which he plays the role of a scrap metal worker… from Saint-Etienne!

His lunches watered with Gerra, Demaison or Beigbeder in “Addiction please” accumulate views on social networks. Jason Chicandier is the fury of living, with the accent. We could ask him about his news. On the latest Asterix in which he plays Ordralfabétix (release scheduled for February 2023) or on the Netflix series he is about to shoot. We preferred to offer him an interview “Stéphanoise-style food”.

At the aperitif, rather rue des Martyrs or place Jean Jaurès?

In summer, the “square posts”, the guinguette atmosphere. But the Martyrs, it’s not over, the Saint-Jacques is the ultimate trap. Let’s say we don’t walk down this street innocently.

Fries or frogs?

I’m a fan of frogs! But it’s hard to find good ones, with parsley… The best ones I’ve eaten were at Blanc in Vonnas. And then if we follow them with a small poultry with cream and morels with a rum baba to finish, we’re not bad!

Grated or dumplings?

Grated! I have grated memories at the Auberge des Massards in Hôpital-le-Grand, on Sunday evenings with my friends. And Pierre Gagnaire gave me the best in the history of my life.

Fourme d’Ambert or Montbrison?

Ambert. I slip a piece into my squeegees, it gives a slightly ashy blue taste.

Côtes du Forez or Côtes du Rhône?

In life, you have to be honest: Côtes-Du-Rhône. Between a Hermitage and a Côtes du Forez, there is no debate.

Granny’s verbena or Grandpa’s pear?

Ah, a very fresh pear, to death! With the Mathou, we caught ourselves with bolinets of 12/14cl of pear. After that, I went to sleep in the toilet at Casino!