Saint-Étienne overthrown at home in a friendly match by Clermont

Bayo scorer and passer

At halftime, Puel changed half of his outfielders, bringing in Nadé, Neyou, Krasso, Youssouf and Boudebouz. The latter lost a first duel against Desmas, author of a superb stop of the chest on a shot at close range (54th). In the wake of 3 new changes from Puel (Lhéry, Saban, Tshibuabua, 60th), Clermont took the advantage following an excellent service in the axis of Berthomier for Bayo (62nd, 2-1). Bayo then turned into a center for Rashani, the summer rookie, entered at the break (64th, 3-1). The Greens quickly reduced the gap after a foul by Gastien on Lhéry who offered a penalty to the Stéphanois that Boudebouz was responsible for transforming by hitting hard on the left side of Desmas, who started on the right side (67th, 2-3 ).