Saint-Lô. Maxence is aiming for the gold medal in the competition for the Best apprentice in France in

Excellence or nothing else. “I like it when it’s done well, it has to be square. “ When he embarks on a field, 19-year-old Maxence Renard, Saint-Lois (Manche), strives for nothing other than perfection. And he intends to achieve it, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, during the national final of the competition for the Best apprentice of France in baking, in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).

A competitor at heart

In May 2021, the apprentice brilliantly participated in the departmental tests by winning the gold medal, before repeating the feat during the regional final, in Occitanie, where he was doing his apprenticeship, near Perpignan, “At Henri Poch, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF)”. A great performance for this young man who had only taken part in baking six months earlier. After two years in CAP pastry in Coutances, he entered CAP bakery in September 2020 for a one-year course. So when his teachers told him about the MAF competition, he was initially surprised, but his “Competitor’s soul” took over. After only a month of training, he took part in the competition and everything happened.

Thirst for knowledge

Today, he continues the MAF adventure in bakery while having integrated a course of CAP chocolate in September. With a thirst for knowledge and know-how, the apprentice multiplies the experiences.

A true enthusiast, the young man speaks quickly, with his hands, when he tells about his career and his desires. “When you love your job, it’s hard to get off the hook”, recognizes Maxence, seated at a table in the restaurant Le 9bourg, whose chef is none other than his father Alexandre Renard. So, if he says he’s happy when he has a week’s vacation, he’s mostly happy “To be back to work!” “.

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Head full of projects

Tuesday, October 19, 2021, he will take the direction of Nantes, two cases loaded with equipment and raw materials in hand, “To prepare the leaven, to locate, to take its marks”. Wednesday, October 20, 2021, from 6 a.m., up to the competition. The apprentice will embark on an intense eight hour test and the making of “Traditional breads, country breads, puff pastry and yeast dough, etc.” “ and, icing on the cake, a “Artistic piece” for which the young man says to himself “Confident”.

Maxence already has plans in his head for the future. Trips abroad, “To discover other techniques, foodstuffs, flour”. Studies, again, to deepen your knowledge in baking, but also in chocolate and confectionery. Because excellence, this jack-of-all-trades is aimed at it in all areas.