Saint-Paul-en-Chablais: the summer exhibition has won its paintings

After four weeks of exhibition, the artists who occupied the castle of Blonay, in Saint-Paul-en-Chablais, met one last time to take down their works. The results are more than satisfactory since 500 visitors came to discover the ephemeral exhibition, that is to say 200 more than last year.

The latter appreciated the variety of works on offer and the welcome they received, in particular by Françoise Mahieu, present at all the offices. They were able to vote during their visit for their favorite work on the theme of loneliness. Félix Roig won the competition with his canvas representing a woman on a bench.

The town hall also warmly thanked Patrick Megevand for offering a painting to the town that he produced using his wood lathe.

The summer exhibition will take place again next year.


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