Saint-Pierre : A little girl of 6 years old leaves his school, and no s'see


Monday, February 19, Mary* goes to the pharmacy in her neighborhood to the Ravine des Cabris, Saint-Pierre, around noon. She then noticed a young girl, equipped with a water bottle, who wanders in the street.

She thinks at first that the little girl is accompanied by, but when she sees it cross twice the road without supervision, she realizes she is all alone. She approaches and starts a conversation with the child. As a precaution, she films the scene.

It turns out that the girl of 6 years is recorded in the CP in a school which is located at the top of the street, and has left the establishment at the midday break without anyone noticing it. The staff was busy serving students in the canteen. The schoolgirl simply market in the direction of the portal, which was, a priori, wide open. once outside, she searched for “his mother and his home”.

Mary decides to bring it back to the hotel, and returns through the same portal, which is still not closed. She meets the director, who, surprised and shocked by the story, thank the Saint-Pierroise. The head of the school made clear that since reduction of assisted contracts, there is lack of personnel.

once she returned home, Mary tells of his adventures to his family who advised him to publish a message on the social networking sites to alert parents. Its publication has been shared more than 3,000 times in three days. She also manages to get in touch with the mom of the little girl, who expresses his gratitude. The mother of the family explains that on this day, she has had a problem with a car, and that despite his multiple calls, she was not able to join the school to prevent the delay.

The girl was happily reunited with his mom, a little later in the day, safe and sound.

Contacted Thursday, the director of the school himself, has asserted a right to reservation.

  • More information in the’JIR tomorrow.

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