Dez Bryant has not even played a game with the saints and his season could be over.

according to on NFL.comBryant was injured in training on Friday, and the team is afraid of tearing his hamstring, which would mean he misses the remainder of the season. Bryant is on an MRI scan, and the saints should know the full extent of the injury by the end of Friday. In addition, Bryant seemed to confirm the injury on Twitter.

According to, Bryant suffered the injury while you come out of a routine route.

If Bryant broke his Achilles, it is a devastating blow to the recipient who was just attending his second exercise with the Saints. Bryant's first training took place on Thursday, and he admitted he had used most of the time to shed some rust.

"It was good," Bryant said after his first practice session. "I just tapped a bit of the rust, but it was good."

Bryant had just signed a one-year contract With the saints this week, after spending the past seven months as a free agent. After being cut off from the Cowboys in April, Bryant declined several offers from other NFL teams before the Saints wooed him earlier this week. Said Bryant several times during the off season that he wanted to play for a contender, which made New Orleans an easy choice for him. At the end of the Saints, the team needed a great deal of receiver depth when they added Bryant, and now they are back in first place.

Before Bryant signs this week, the saints also had a workout with Brandon Marshall, who could be the team's next option when Bryant is definitely ready for the season. According to, Marshall The saints "impressed" during his trainingThis makes him the next logical choice to sign up in New Orleans.

As for Bryant, the devastating injury comes on the day he first received his No. 88 Sacred Uniform.

Although his uniform was given to him, apparently the saints did not plan to play him on Sunday against the Bengals, even if he was healthy. According to, the Plan for Bryant was sitting outside Sunday and then possibly his debut in the 11th week against the Eagles.

Of course it does not matter now. If Bryant's injury is officially diagnosed as a torn Achilles, it means he will miss the last eight games of the Saints, including a week 13 game in which he would have had a shot to avenge the cowboys.

At the age of 30, one may wonder if Bryant can come back from such a devastating injury. If he plays again in September 2019, it has taken him 21 months between matches. The last time Bryant was in the game came in the regular season finale of the Cowboys 2017 (December 31), when he took three passes for 24 yards.


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