Sainz: «I want to say goodbye to McLaren in the best possible way»

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Carlos Sainz, McLaren driver who will race in 2021 with Ferrari, said this Friday in an interview with the official website of Formula 1, that he wants to say goodbye to his current team “in the best possible way.”

Sainz, who narrated how his negotiations with Ferrari developed and how his current bosses took the news that he could change teams next season, declared that he still wants to work one hundred percent for McLaren.

“I want to say goodbye to McLaren in the best possible way. So I am going to do my best this year the same way I did last year, “he said.

The Spanish driver explained how his first contact with Ferrari was during the winter and how his bosses, Zak Brwon and Andreas Seidl, collaborated so that the change went smoothly.

“The moment I felt there was an interest from Ferrari to hire me for 2021, I went straight to Zak. His reaction was: ‘Well, we’ll let you speak to Ferrari, stay in touch to see how everything unfolds,’ ”he said.

“The key to this process has been the clarity and openness of all the parties involved to carry it out. That makes me feel incredibly proud and the way everything has been handled makes me feel very happy and very grateful to Zak and his team, “he said.

Once the negotiations were over, Sainz made it clear that his bosses were “happy for him” and that they congratulated him: “They told me: ‘You deserve it and I am sure you will do very well there.’ That confidence boost is always nice to hear from your bosses. ”

Questioned by the type of driver Ferrari will find, he said that they will have in their figure an “extremely hard-working” man who will go to Italy to spend as much time as possible in Maranello in the same way as he did in McLaren.

“I will try to build something special with Ferrari, in the same way that I tried to build something special at McLaren. Apart from that, I hope a very fast driver and an incredibly motivated guy who gives his all for Scuderia, “he said.

“Next year, when I join Ferrari, nothing would make me happier than to see McLaren again on top of a Formula 1 podium. As a fan of Formula 1, as a fan of McLaren now, I would love to see McLaren back on top, “he concluded.



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