The draw for the eighth round of the Champions League was set for Liverpool's clash with Porto in a match that will see another Arab conflict.

Algerian star Yassin Brahimi starred in his team's lead and led the fourth-round to face Mohamed Salah, who inspires Liverpool in a struggle that would outweigh the Egyptian star.

Yalakoura makes a comparison between the two stars before the expected clash

Yasin Brahimi

A player of the Portuguese team Porto, who is able to play in more than one center, including the left wing and the offensive center.

Brahimi joined the Portuguese league during the 14/15 summer transfer period from his Spanish Granada.

The fifth time that Brahimi will participate in the Champions League is equal to the Egyptian Pharaoh Mohammed Salah, the star of Liverpool, but the Algerian player the first time to reach the quarterfinals, unlike the "Mo", which reached the final of the championship last version.

Brahimi is one of the main players in the Portuguese side, with 24 appearances this season, two in the Cup and seven in the Champions League, scoring 7 goals and making 8 more.

Mohamed Salah

The fifth time in which Salah participated in the Champions League, where he has already participated in the championship version 13/14 with Basel Swiss, and copy 14/15 Chelsea shirt, and 15/16 with Rome, next to last season with Liverpool, His team reached the final of the tournament.

Egyptian Pharaoh participated in 21 games in the tournament Liverpool shirt, including 13 goals and made 6 others.

The total of "Mo" this season with Liverpool has 40 appearances (30 league matches – two matches in the Cup – 8 in the Champions League) scoring 20 goals and making 7 others.

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