Salary of the 13th ASN will be disbursed in July 2022, this is the difference from previous years – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the 13th salary for state civil servants or ASN (civil servants/PNS) will be disbursed in July 2022.

This year, the payment of the 13th salary for ASN has a number of differences from 2020 and 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic began in Indonesia.

Reported Kompas.comThursday (2/6/2022), the disbursement of the 13th salary in 2022 has been stipulated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 16 of 2022, as well as the provision of THR.

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The 13th salary component in 2022 is given at the base salary/pension and allowances attached to the basic salary/pension, as well as 50 percent of the performance allowance (tukin) per month for those who receive the performance allowance.

The thing that distinguishes the 13th salary in 2022 from the past two years is the amount of payment.

In 2020 and 2021, civil servants did not get a tukin in the 13th salary disbursement.

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The 13th salary of ASN in 2020

Reported Kompas.comAugust 10, 2020, the disbursement of the 13th salary was confirmed after the government issued Government Regulation Number 44 of 2020 concerning the Provision of Salaries, Pensions, Allowances or Thirteenth Incomes in 2020.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 paragraph (1) PP Number 44 of 2020, the amount of the 13th salary that will be received is at most the income of the civil servant concerned in July 2020.

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Its components include basic salary, family allowances, and job allowances or general allowances. There is no performance allowance (tukin) and THR.

Tukin which is usually included in the 13th salary component and THR is not paid because the government is making savings and reallocating the budget for handling the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In addition, the 13th salary is exempted from office, echelons I and II, and the like. That is, the 13th salary is only given to echelon III and below.

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The 13th salary of ASN in 2021

Reported Kompas.comMay 29, 2021, the salary of the 13th ASN in 2021 is regulated in PP No. 63 of 2021.

It was stated that the 13th salary recipients were civil servants, TNI soldiers, members of the National Police, state officials, pension/allowance recipients, and recipients of the 13th salary regulated in the PP.

The 13th salary disbursement in 2021 covers basic salary and attached benefits such as departmental allowances and family allowances. Tukin is still a manufactured component., May 3, 2021 reported, the government actually gives THR to civil servants. However, the amount has been reduced.

The THR component for PNS 2021 is only in the form of basic salary plus attached allowances, also without including Tukin.

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THR and 13th Salary for Non-ASN Employees in Government Agencies

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(Source: Safitri, Mutia Fauzia Ahmad Naufal Dzulfaroh, Ade Miranti Karunia | Editor: Inggried Dwi Wedhaswary, Sakina Rakhma Diah Setiawan, Akhdi Martin Pratama, Erlangga Djumena, Bambang P. Jatmiko)

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