Salary ranking: These companies and sectors pay the most in Vienna

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How much does the average Viennese earn, which professions and sectors pay the best and which employer pays the best? A new evaluation of the portal provides answers kununuwhich collects employer ratings and salary data.

What the average Viennese earns

A total of over 100,000 pieces of data provided by users on the portal were evaluated for Vienna. The average gross annual salary of a worker in the capital comes up 46.800 Euro (full time). Only a little more than half are satisfied with their income – namely 59 percent of respondents.

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Among the jobs that are most frequently performed in Vienna, this has project management ahead with good salaries. 54.352 Euro gets a full-time project manager on average gross per year, followed by jobs in the software development (53.218 Euro) and in the area Human Resources (51.996 Euro). Leading professions were excluded from this ranking.

This is where you earn the most

Leading the top ten highest paying jobs software architects with an average gross annual salary of 74.281 Euro at. In second and third place are Key Account Manager and tax consultant.

If you take a look at the industries, the IT also here the ranking. The average gross income per year is 55.449 Euro. The Energy– (54.662 Euro) and the Banks-Sector (54.156 Euro) is just behind. The areas of research and development, electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy as well as internet and telecommunications range between 53,194 and 50,346 euros.

Top ten highest paying companies

Among the companies that pay particularly well in Vienna, it is within the kununu data that stands out IBM Austria positive. The company pays employees an average gross annual salary of 77.285 Euro. What is surprising, however, is salary satisfaction: less than 48 percent are happy with their own salary.

Things are very different with the Viennese start-up Value 4 You from that a salary satisfaction of 95 percent listed, but comes in fourth place in the ranking of average salaries. In between are the First group (75,558 euros and 80 percent satisfaction) and Wien IT (73,265 euros and 55 percent satisfaction).

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2023-06-01 17:37:49
Salary ranking: These companies and sectors pay the most in Vienna

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