Sale of collectible coins: This bank DOES BUY THEM

Since the pandemic, thousands if not millions of people have pulled out their tickets and collectible coins to offer them as a means of subsistence during the isolation, so if this is your case and before you upload your pieces to platforms of purchasesalefirst check how much they give you for them in this banco that he does buy them for you… Check it out!

Although it is true that on pages like eBay, Free Marking or Amazon you could put sale your tickets and collectible coins up to thousands of pesos and even dollars as there are no restrictions on the price at which you offer them, it is also true that if you ask a lot for them, you may not be able to market them as quickly as you would like, so if you go to this banco that yes the purchase you can get a fair price for them.

2023-05-31 20:23:00

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