Sales of the electric Nissan LEAF stagnate in 2020, why? – News – Hybrids and Electric

The one who until the arrival of the Nissan Ariya was the total protagonist of the Nissan electric offensive, as well as one of the pioneers in the incursion of the electric car in our lives in the 21st century, the Nissan LEAF, is going through a commercial downturn during this year 2020. Its sales have stagnated in several markets, despite having received a deep facelift, which one could almost say was a new generation, in 2018.

This is attested by Inside EV’s, which points to somewhat poor sales in the local Nissan LEAF market Japan, where only 684 new units of Nissan’s electric compact were sold last month, representing a 68% less than the same month last year, and a total amount of 6,963 units during the current year 2020.

In Japan there would be the most pronounced drop in sales for the Nissan LEAF, but not the only one. If we travel to the United States to analyze the sales of Japanese electricity on the other side of the pond, we see that it barely exceeds the mark of 3,000 units sold throughout the year, specifically 3,007 new Nissan Leafs were sold on American soil, a market in which the government has failed to encourage sales of electric cars despite having Tesla under its belt as a prominent local manufacturer.

Therefore, the total sales of this year 2020, between Japan and the United States we would not even be reaching 10,000 units, worrying data for Nissan on the eve of the launch of its new star, the Nissan Ariya.

In Europe, on the contrary, the data enjoy a little more health, where each country has increasingly better incentives and aid for individuals to get hold of an electric car, such as Germany and its 9,000 euros of aid. In the old continent, although better than in other markets, sales have also fallen slightly although the downward curve is not so steep, the Nissan LEAF would have in our market a total of 13,000 units3,000 more units than Japan and the United States combined, making the European market the main sales focus for the Asian electric compact.

What, then, is the reason for the widespread global drops in the LEAF? The electric compact would have lost prominence in his own home when his brother, the Nissan Ariya, which has captured all the spotlights since its presentation, leaving the Leaf in the background, and although they enjoy very different target audiences and the price will differ between the two, it must be added that the LEAF has an increasingly varied, and above all, more attractive competition.

The normal life cycle of a car is around 7 years, and the LEAF has been with us since 2010, and although it has received a very deep wash of each in 2018, as mentioned, with updating in aesthetics and technology, it seems not having been enough on the part of Nissan to equate the LEAF with the rest of the electric vehicles that are gradually reaching the market.

One of the potential culprits of this drop in sales is, without a doubt, the Volkswagen ID.3 whose launch last month in Europe coincides with the drop in sales of the LEAF at a general level, and we are talking about cars with a focus very similar, although the German is almost 8,000 euros above the starting price of the LEAF.


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