Salinas called a fan ‘f * cking’ for mentioning a mistake in Canelo’s fight

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The Fight of the Canelo Álvarez vs. Caleb Plant It was memorable, because the Mexican boxer made history by unifying the titles in the division of supermedians, where the only detail was given at the end of the transmission, where a mistake made Ricardo Salinas explode.

As you know, Ricardo Salinas placeholder image is usually very attentive to what is said on social networks and usually reply to your followers (not always in the kindest way), so this time was no exception, since a problem with audio made me call ‘asshole’ to a fan.

TV Azteca’s mistake and Salinas’s response

Behind the victoria of the Canelo Alvarez, where David Faitelson criticized him, the Mexican boxer went to the interview part, and talking to the team of TV Azteca everything happened.

While Rodolfo Vargas I made him some questions to Canelo Álvarez, it seems that someone disconnected a cable, there was technical failure or something happened, but as you can see in the video only the ambient sound was heard and neither of the two characters anymore.

A voice off screen started screaming that the audio was gone; They looked for a way to reestablish it while Vargas kept talking with Canelo, but not getting it, they gave him another microphone and they were able to conclude.

This fact caused a fan the write to Ricardo Salinas on Twitter asking him to be more careful with those details, Well, losing the audio in the middle of an interview post fight with him Canelo Alvarez it should not happen; The answer was immediate.

This is one of the typical assholes to those who I offer a free fight that cost 80 usd in PPV, everything is perfect for us, ah but there was a detail with a microphone and that is what he criticizes … If you do not like and our mistake seems fatal to him, pay your 80 usd or shut up and thank!!! ”, wrote Ricardo Salinas.

It is comment unleashed a wave of responses in your tweet, where there were two sides; those who supported and mocked the error and those who defended Ricardo Salinas. It was like this a mistake made this character explode and lashed out at a fanatic.